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Combined Gifs

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when a mutual unfollows you first


so then you unfollow them right back


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Lets not forget this joke was made before the UN actually decieded to do this

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Omg laughed so hard

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Torn and Frayed 8.10 + Reichenbach 10.02

Hannah enjoys looking to the heavens because that’s her home

Castiel prefers looking at the earth because that’s where he feels most at home

While Hannah was gazing at heaven they cut to Cas struggling to keep his eyes on the road. He’s spent years trying to be part of both heaven and earth and it’s killing him. Crowley told Dean to pick a side, demon or human. I think it’s time for Castiel to make a similar choice

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Love is a form of accident. The population bounces together, and two people meet somehow. You can say that you love a certain woman, but there’s a woman you never met you might have loved a hell of a lot more.


Author John Scalzi was on a roll this morning (currently 7:14 AM, 26 Sept. 2014) with a tweet he found from some guy sending out an “ultimatum” to women to “make a choice” between feminism and, well, men like him. So Scalzi launched into a truly magnificent set of scorchers, which I’m posting here for the delectation of people everywhere.

Also: I would like to thank that guy for setting the ultimatum. It makes finding a boyfriend so much easier when the undesirable ones wear a placard identifying themselves.

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